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Welcome to Pine Class!


Mrs Pavitt is the teacher on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Bailey is the teacher on Thursday and Friday. PE will take place on a Wednesday and Thursday each week. 


We will keep busy in Pine class with enjoyable and engaging activities to promote a joy of learning. We will try our best to be kind, respectful and helpful to others. This first half term our focus will be on self regulation and each day we will celebrate 3 children who have demonstrated this value. At the end of each half term a child will be chosen who exemplifies the value we have been learning about.


All children should have a water bottle every day.


STEM Term- Summer 2022


Can we believe everything we see?


This term we are investigating if we can believe everything that we see in the world around us and how it is presented to us in different media forms such as films, television and printed publications.

We will be looking behind the lens or camera to understand the creative process and the methods that can be used to construct what we want people to see rather than what they are actually seeing. 



Below we have attached an overview of our term's learning, as well as more in-depth information on key vocabulary.


We encourage you to refer to this with your child.


"If you can dream it, you can do it. 

Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse."

Walt Disney

Weekly Expectations



Please hear your child read weekly-as many times as you can. To help your child gain an enjoyment and love of reading, listen and talk about the book they are reading. All children will enjoy sharing the reading of a book, perhaps reading alternative pages, talking to them about the story, predicting what might happen next, explaining tricky words or helping them to understand what is being implied by the text.



Spellings  will be given once a week on a Friday to be tested the following Friday. Spellings will be put on Google Classroom and a physical copy will go home with them too. They can practise the words using the methods we have taught them in class; rainbow letters, blocking, pyramid formation or drawing images that remind them of the letters or the word. 



All children should complete 1000 points on this weekly. Plus, we will often set a specific task that will support the learning we are doing in class.


TT Rockstars

By the end of Year 4, government guidelines say that all children should have a sound knowledge of their times tables. With this in mind, regular short bursts of practice are essential. We will offer time in class but we ask that parents encourage children to use TT Rockstars at home too.

Explore Term


'Are we born to seek adventure?'


Our project this term is based around exploring the natural world. It is a science and geography based unit. All our work over the half term will leading up to our final expedition where we will be using our orienteering skills to explore the New Forest. Below we have attached an overview of our terms objectives.



“Adventure is merely a part of life: do not fear the unknown, explore it!” 


Weekly Timetable-Year 3 & 4

Please see our weekly overview for the Spring Term.