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Welcome to Oak Class

On these pages you will find important information about everything that happens in Oak Class.  Miss Bull will be adding new content, so please visit regularly.

Summer Term

How can science help us to achieve our dreams?

This summer, we will be exploring how science can help us to achieve our dreams through our Science, Design & Technology and Computing focus term. We will be working in teams to create our own interactive science exhibitions which will be displayed at Winchester Science Centre for an evening in July. Children will learn about space and the human body, and how science helps astronauts and athletes to achieve their dreams. 


Have a look at our project map and knowledge organisers below for this project!

Spring Term

How do we cope with adversity?

This spring, we are exploring the question 'How do we cope with adversity?'. This term will have a geography and science focus. We will be exploring natural disasters such as flooding, tsunamis, extreme weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and the effects that they have on people. Through the use of books and news articles, we will consider what life is like for refugees who have to leave their homes. 


At the end of our topic will will be hosting a fundraising coffee morning for a charity that we select during our project.


At the end of our Spring term we decided to support the Ukrainian Crisis by hosting a non-school uniform day (we wore blue and yellow), bake sale and we tied ribbons to the front of our school to show that everyone is welcome. 
We were able to raise £206! We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us to achieve this.


Have a look at our knowledge organisers below.

Autumn Term

How do our beliefs drive our actions?

This autumn, we are exploring the question 'How do our beliefs drive our actions?'  through our key concepts of belief and faith. This term will have a history, art and RE focus, leading to a showcase of our work in a 'belief through art'  exhibition - details to be confirmed. 


During our project, we will be exploring the beliefs of Ancient Civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Early Islamic Civilisations. We will also be looking at modern world faiths including Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Humanism and will be visiting places of worship to find out more. 


Have a look at our knowledge organiser below! 

Look at what we have been up to:

Useful information

Our PE day is Wednesdays.


Each week your child's spellings will be uploaded to Google Classroom. 

The weekly spelling test will take place on a Friday. 

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